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CREST Education Safety Services are offering access to EVOLVE for Academy Schools (MATs and MACs), Voluntary Aided, Free and Independent Schools.

What is EVOLVEvisits?

EVOLVEvisits is an online system for the planning, approval and management of educational visits, sports fixtures and extra-curricular activities.  It is proven to reduce paperwork, simplify procedures, produce self-review and inspection preparation data, and improve staff confidence in that they automatically follow both employer, and National Guidelines.

EVOLVEvisits has been designed and developed by a team with extensive experience of implementing and managing IT systems in schools, and planning and co-ordinating educational visits. It is modular, flexible and designed to promote efficiency and confidence in those that use it… teachers.

Why do schools choose EVOLVEvisits?

EVOLVEvisits is an essential tool for planning and managing educational visits, on-site activities, after school clubs and sports fixtures. Developed by experienced teachers and educational practitioners, this innovative and market leading system has been designed with teachers in mind.


Used and trusted by over 800,000 staff in over 22,000 educational establishments across the UK.


EVOLVEvisits can be used on your desktop computer, tablet or mobile – perfect for on-the-go!



Systems to suit your needs as a school, college, youth centre, local authority or trust.


EVOLVEvisits is there when you need it, prompting you only when required.



One-stop-shop for everything ‘learning outside the classroom’.


Full hosted on dedicated servers in state of the art UK data centre with a friendly support team on hand.


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