This course is designed to highlight the dangers of asbestos, the different types of asbestos and where asbestos can be found to those who may encounter asbestos during their work tasks.

It does not provide you with the training to knowingly disturb or remove asbestos.

Alcohol and drug awareness

A course designed to highlight acceptable workplace practices concerning the use of alcohol and drugs in the workplace.  Topics covered include, the effects of alcohol and drugs, alcohol units, signs of problem drinking, types of drugs and their effects, legal issues.

This course is particularly useful where the school are working towards the Workplace Wellbeing Charter or a similar accreditation.

Contractor Safety

This course is designed to provide contractors with the appropriate information and training required to ensure they are aware of hazards that may exist on the premises, the control measures in place and safe working procedures.  This is a basic awareness course and not site-specific.

CPR Essentials

This course provides resuscitation procedures aimed at lay people so they can provide basic life support to casualties of cardiac arrest.


This course is designed to increase awareness of how your behaviour on the road can affect how safe a driver you are. It highlights the importance of road safety, behaviours that affect road safety, driver safety awareness, basic vehicle checks, eyesight and health, mobile phones, safe stopping distances.

Electrical safety

A course designed to highlight the dangers associated with the misuse of electrical equipment and to promote the safe use of electricity in a regular commercial environment.

Environmental awareness

A course designed to raise awareness of resource efficiency and waste management practices and to encourage individuals to reduce the amount of energy and water they use, and waste they produce.


A short ergonomic course designed to help you work comfortably and safely at your workstation.  Topics covered include, signs and symptoms of MSD’s, workstation set-up, eyesight, using laptops and exercises.

This course should be completed prior to carrying out a self-assessment of the DSE workstation.

Evacuation essentials

This course is designed to provide information on evacuation procedures during fires, and for other emergencies such as terrorist attacks.

Fire safety

For non-specialists, that is people without a specific fire safety role (e.g. not for fire wardens, marshals or appointed persons) who need to understand their role in preventing fires, maintaining safe exits routes and responding quickly in the event of an alarm.

Fire wardens

A course designed to highlight the duties and responsibilities of a Fire warden.

This course can be used as a refresher in-between your three yearly accredited training and practical use of fire extinguishers.

Food safety – level 1

This course is designed to provide basic food safety and hygiene principles required for working in a food environment. This course covers the syllabus requirements for Level 1 training as specified by the CIEH.

Hazardous substances (COSHH)

A course designed to provide you with an overview of what hazardous substances are and how you can work safely with them.

Health & safety induction

A course designed to introduce employees to health and safety within a workplace. Topics covered include, health and safety law, policy, accidents, falls from height, hazardous substances, safety signs, first aid and risk assessment.

Home working

This course is designed to provide home workers with the appropriate information and training to meet health and safety requirements when working from home.  It includes information about personal safety, work equipment, electrical safety, slips and trips, smoke alarms, fire, working hours, workstations.


This course is designed to provide the appropriate information and training necessary to those who carry out water management tasks as part of the organisation’s water management system.

Lone working

The course provides lone-workers with appropriate information to reduce the risks with lone working and covers topics such as security, safe access, lighting, workplace violence etc.

Managing health & safety

This course is designed to introduce managers to their responsibilities in the area of managing the health and safety of employees under their control.

Manual handling

This course is designed to help reduce the risk of injury from carrying out manual handling tasks.  The topics covered include, components of the back, assessing the risk, planning the move, lifting guidelines and manual handling principles.

New and expectant mothers

A course designed to highlight the possible health and safety risks that may affect an expectant or new mother in the workplace.  Includes information relating to legislation and responsibilities, paternity and adoption leave, hazard spotting, risk assessment, common health issues and workplace concerns.

Noise at work

This course is designed to provide information about the risks of noise at work and the control measures available to help protect your hearing.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

A course designed to highlight the type, selection and use of PPE items in the workplace and the benefits and limitations of PPE.

Risk assessment

This course is designed to provide information on the risk assessment process.


A course that provides information on what safeguarding means, how you can contribute to the safeguarding process and, what to do if you are concerned about the safety or welfare of a child or vulnerable adult.

Slips, trips and falls

A course designed to raise awareness to the common problem of slips, trips and falls in the workplace and what you can do to help prevent these types of accidents happening to you.

Stress awareness

A course designed to introduce the concept of stress. It provides an overview of what stress is, the many causes of stress, the different effects of stress, breathing and stretching exercises and a selection of case studies.

Working at height

A course designed to provide information to those who work from height.  Topics covered include, hierarchy of control, selecting the right equipment, types and use of ladders, preventative and protective measures.

Pricing and Order Form

Cost per user per course

0-10 –  £15.00
11-50 – £12.50
51 – 100 – £10.00
Over 100 – £7.50


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