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Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Risk Assessments

All schools require a fire risk assessment, and they can help to prevent fires as well as protect life, your property and assets in the event of a fire or arson attack our fire risk assessment approach is school  focussed and pragmatic. Our assessment recommendations will be based solely on your safety school needs.  (A plan of your school will be required).

Our qualified fire risk assessors will visit your site, review your fire safety documentation, talk to staff and then walk-around the building and grounds to assess the risk. Following this we will provide you with a fire risk assessment report and action plan, where necessary, to improve your fire safety management.

Our Fire Risk Assessors are experienced professionals who have successfully completed the West Midlands Fire Service practical fire risk assessment course which is IFE (Institute of Fire Engineers) approved. We also have a close working relationship with local fire safety officers.

Our assessments are hand delivered to you and explained with an electronic document made available.